About Us

NTHSRA is an association across North Texas consisting of high school students, grades 9-12, who participate in rodeos held mainly in Saginaw, Texas. We are celebrating our 50th year, which runs September through May. While rodeo is not recognized as a regular high school varsity sport, no other athletic activity in history was ever developed which so embodies the traditions in history of an entire way of life. The events in rodeo grew out of actual day-to-day duties of the American cowboy, or were dreamed up to further test the courage, stamina and ability of these Westerners.

One of the most unique aspects of high school rodeo is that these athletes compete on the same stock that is used by college and professional rodeo contestants. Many of the young athletes you will see competing in bareback and saddle bronc riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, goat tying, tie-down and breakaway calf roping, barrel racing, pole bending, and team roping are world class athletes who compete not only in high school rodeos, but in professional and adult amateur rodeos as well. The cowboy or cowgirl and the animals used in the rodeo compete against themselves and the clock, as much as they compete against each other.

NTHSRA is a self-supporting, non-profit organization. We require our members to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, to abide by a strict dress code when competing, and to play by the rules. We also require them to maintain their grades at the same level it takes to play high school sports in their respective schools. Education is of paramount importance to this organization, and we have a scholarship program in place to help further the education of all members. We encourage each contestant in that endeavor.

                                                                 2022-2023 Committees

  • Rodeo Approvals: Josh Coufal, TC Scolari
  • Public Relations: Gay Sanford, Staci Luschen, TC Scolari, Jean Smith, Shae Hudson
  • Queens: Donna King, Staci Luschen, Pam Shropshire, Ellie Ragsdale, Courtney Phillips
  • Building and Arena: Richard Wickline
  • Report Cards: Gay Sanford, Staci Luschen, Courtney Shelton, Sandy Valentino
  • Rough Stock: Richard Wickline
  • Calves: Chad Crider, Kiana Rae Allen, TC Scolari
  • Steers: Chad Crider, Kiana Rae Allen, TC Scolari
  • Barrels and Poles: Susan McKee, Jean Smith, Lindsey Kay Reichert, Trey Pennington, Josh Coufal, Michelle Loftis, Jr. Reichert
  • Goats: Sandy Valentino, TC Scolari, Shae Hudson, Staci Harris, Delaney Harris, Kiana Rae Allen
  • Scholarships: Russell Vining, TC Scolari, Staci Luschen
  • Judges and Arena Directors: Chad Crider
  • Rule Book: Russell Vining, Susan McKee, Eric Chisholm, Shae Hudson
  • Security, Announcers, Photographers, Ambulances, & Safety: Russell Vining, Josh Coufal
  • Attitude, Restrictions & Grievances: President, and Student Board
  • Black and Blue: Board of Directors
  • Timers & Secretaries: Venita Dearing, Karen Isbell
  • Sponsors: Donna King, Gay Sanford, Shae Hudson, Staci Luschen
  • Pick up Men & Bull Fighters: Richard Wickline, Trey Pennington, Staci Luschen
  • Advertising & Sponsorships: Donna King, Gay Sanford, Staci Luschen, TC Scolari, Kristy Scribner
  • Seniors: Susan McKee, Jean Smith, TC Scolari, Kiana Rae Allen, Staci Harris, Lindsey Kay Reichert, Trey Pennington, Brady Gaither, Amber Smith
  • Finals: Gay Sanford, Susan McKee, Sandy Valentino, Jean Smith, Staci Luschen, TC Scolari, Student Board of Directors
  • Social Media: Venita Dearing, Donna King, Susan McKee, Courtney Shelton, TC Scolari, Michelle Loftis

                                         (The First person in each Committee is the Committee Chair Person)